tienda de polo ralph lauren LOVELY TEACHERS

girls ralph lauren LOVELY TEACHERS

I’m Elena and this week I have a very important role: I am the analyst!

The first thing I want to emphasize is the wonderful work that we have done during this week, because I think it reflects our improvement as a group during all these weeks.

Apart from this, I would also like to comment and reflect on our work and what we have done. For me, the best part of the activity was the cooperative part because, as far as I’m concerned, this is really important. We shared and compared different ideas and doing this, we have learned a lot while preparing the task.

But not everything can be good. If I have to go through the worst part of the activity, maybe could be that we had to do many things and also a lot of work and that causes us stress.

As I said before, this week we worked well, so from my point of view, we must maintain this until the last moment and also maintain cooperation and the connection we have between us.

The thing that we should improve as a group is trying to do our best each week and also, applying the new things that we are learning of our classmates, our teacher and so on.
tienda de polo ralph lauren LOVELY TEACHERS